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Copyright © 1999 Donald W. Kipp
Last modified:   October 17, 2009


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Public Policies Applying to CE Courses

Confidentiality: Content of NER seminars is copyrighted and remains the property of Donald W. Kipp and all rights are reserved. Donald W. Kipp, DBA BODY-AWARENESS SEMINARS, IS THE ONLY AUTHORIZED PRESENTER OF THIS MATERIAL.

All attendees of . Foundational Neuroenergetic Release® Seminar (Modules NER I & NER II) and Advanced  Neuroenergetic Release® Seminar (NER Module III) must sign Donald W. Kipp's confidentiality agreement. A copy of this agreement is available by request by phone, fax or in writing.


Full attendance of is required to receive a certificate of completion. The NCBTMB requires 50 minutes of class participation for each contact hour awarded. A certificate of completion will be issued on completion of CE seminar.

 Fees and Deadlines:

Current fees and deadlines for each CE course are a published on our website:


$100.00 of registration deposit is an administrative fee that is nonrefundable but transferable in case you should need to cancel. If you paid by credit card your refund will be minus a 4% handling fee. You shall get a full refund of all registration fees if we should cancel.

 Maintenance of educational records:

Donald W. Kipp, NCTMB DBA Body-Awareness® Seminars will maintain records of participant's attendance, completion and personal information for a minimum of 4 years. These records will be held confidential. Original certificates of completion are issued after a participants completion of a CE seminar. Duplicate records/certificates will only be released by written signed request with payment of a small administrative fee. The current fee is $10.00 US we reserve the right to change this fee at any time. Records will be sent out by standard US mail to USA addresses only.  Any request for expedited service or for an address outside of the USA will be at additional expense.


Donald W. Kipp, NCTMB DBA Body-Awareness® Seminars follows all federal guidelines regarding the American Disabilities Act (42 USCG Section 12101, et. seq.), and with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2000e, et. seq.) including making the appropriate accommodations for the teaching learning process and examination process.


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