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Copyright © 1999 Donald W. Kipp
Last modified:   November 23, 2009



Monday November 23, 2009

Release of Donald W. Kipp's co-authored book - How Did You Do That!

 Donald is the co-author in a new book filled with powerful stories about achievement of heartfelt desires and courage that overcame incredible obstacles. 

 Donald's featured chapter is titled: 60 Seconds to Physical Freedom

The book includes International Best Selling Authors like Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup series, Barbara DeAngelis, Chris Howard and Brendan Burchard, and 30 other folks just like you … 

How Did You Do That! is that  book you’ve been looking for that could inspire you to change your own life.  In this collection of amazing true stories, you’ll find the courage to finally go for it and do that thing you’ve been yearning to do.” Mark Victor Hansen

 On MONDAY 11-23, I HAVE A SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU.  All the co-authors have joined together to create a valuable gift package designed to support you on your personal journey to achieve your dreams. 

 This is a fantastic assortment of empowering tools and priceless wisdom from leading experts. 

Buy just one copy of HOW DID YOU DO THAT! MONDAY 11-23 and you will receive this bonus gift package completely F*R*E*E! < Go here to see the wonderful bonuses and order your own copy now at Amazon.

 If you are facing any hurdle in life, you will discover at least one person whose story will provide the answer and inspiration you need to clear that hurdle from your life.  Then, very soon, people will be asking you …

 HOW DID YOU DO THAT? <---- Go here to order your own copy at Amazon Now


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Donald W. Kipp

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FAX: (866) 224-8382
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