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Neuroenergetic Release® (NER) is a system of Relational Medicine™ and helps people be pain-free, perform, function, and feel better. NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes and dis-ease. Both short term and over a lifetime NER saves individuals thousands in dollars and untold priceless time.

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Believe in Pain Relief

We are dedicated to helping you attain your highest level of health. We believe in Pain Relief Therapy, not Pain Management and pledge the utmost in attention and care.

Transformational Change

Whether you’re looking for better posture, a straighter spine, pain relief, enhanced health or performance; changes you see in these images are typical of what happens to our patients’ structure in the first 1-minute-or-less of their 1st therapy session. These structural imbalances are part of whole-body patterns that are behind all the symptoms people experience. Most patients can hold these changes on their own with 3-6 more sessions. Change you can see and feel …In Seconds.

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Donald W. Kipp

CAM Practitioner And Expert

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Donald W. Kipp: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioner and expert, Educator, Best Selling Author, Wellness and Evolutionary Speaker

Our Best Selling Book

I am a co-author in a best-selling book called “HOW DID YOU DO THAT!” filled with powerful stories about achievement of heartfelt desires and courage that overcame incredible obstacles. I am very excited to be featured in this book, and it’s a book sure to inspire you! See my chapter, 60 Seconds to Physical Freedom, on the power and origins of NER.
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what our clients have to say


 Donald W. Kipp guest interview on Be A Better Being Podcast

I had the honor of being a guest on the better being podcast released this week 10/17/22.  

Click to hear about the origins and some of the power of NER in a different format. 

The Art and Science of Instant Shift! Monday 5/17/21 6:30 pm MDT

Experience: Less Pain, Less Anxiety, Breathe Easier … In Seconds! Free Tele-med group healing session. Q & A follows.

This is a Free online group NER session/webinar for pain relief, breathing problems, physical dysfunction, anxiety and other health concerns. There will be a brief talk about Neuroenergetic Release Therapy and then a live group distance session of NER.

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