An Introduction to Neuroenergetic Release®

If You’re Not as Tall as You Should Be You’re Not as Well as You Could Be
Achieve Wellness, Relieve Pain, Improve Posture, Maximize Performance Prevent Injuries and Enhance Health

Presented by NER founder Donald W. Kipp, NCTMB

Don will be showing how wellness, posture, emotions, thoughts, quantum energy and how tall you are all interrelated. This is all part of the Neuroenergetic Release system that he founded and developed. See people actually physically change and get taller in seconds to minutes without using any force. After a brief talk and demonstration Don & other NER practitioners will be doing healing sessions on those present. Everyone present will have a chance to receive.

Neuroenergetic Release® is used to quickly and effectively speed healing from: · auto injuries, · neck pain, · whiplash, · back pain, · poor posture, · scoliosis, · arm pain, · carpal tunnel, · fractures, · herniated discs, · TMJ and jaw problems. Athletes find NER heals injuries and boosts performance and energy.

Please invite anyone who might be interested. Several models will be needed each evening who have never experienced NER. If you’re interested in being a model please call our office ahead of time at: 303-697-4923

Relieve Pain, Improve Posture, Prevent Injuries and Enhance Health

Less is More!-Neuroenergetic Release®