Intuition and the Bird

When in nature you can connect to the larger. While hiking in 2010, I had the hit that I should stick my arm out and a bird would land on my hand. I listened, stuck my arm out and indeed that is what happened. One of the people I was with managed to catch these shots. Yesterday morning, 11/5/2022, I was guided to dig this picture out and share it. Today an old friend and NER student from 20 years ago, reached out and called me having seen it, taking it as a sign he should contact me. I await to see what unfolds.

In my work helping people heal and release pain I’m often asked if I’m guided by intuition. The answer is yes, but not all the time. Intuition often happens in moments and is often unexpected. When it does happen, I try to learn from it, to understand relationships it shows me through science and physics so it is repeatable and teachable. So most of the time during the session I’m not relying on intuition but maybe what I have learned from previous moments of intuition. This learning of relationships lets me be a more efficient therapist and able to teach this to others. I have never thought of myself as an intuitive, but looking back I see how much I have been guided. Guided by something larger, whether you call it intuition, God, spirit, universe, energy. To see more stories that involve intuition and healing go here:

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