Pain Relief Testimonials and healing stories

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I am a 48 year old woman who was diagnosed approximately 20 years ago, after the birth of my first child, with Syringomyelia. Unfortunately, the prognosis and pain/resolution options are often worse than living with the neurological symptoms of this painful issue. After exploring multiple therapies (acupuncture, cranio-sacral, physical therapy, and medicine), I was at a breaking point. My pain was not improving in any sustainable or meaningful way, I couldn't sleep well, and my hope was diminishing. I am also a devout Catholic and was seeking help/discernment from God on how to manage my pain and still be the wife, mother, business owner, and member of the communities I cherish. A friend referred me to Don Kipp, and highly recommended his therapy, Neuroenergetic Release. By the grace of God, I scheduled my first appointment with Don in 2005. I walked into Don's office with a tremendous amount of pain in my neck, back, legs, and a constant "burning" nerve pain throughout my body, and I left 85% pain-FREE! I was literally weeping during and after the appointment...not because of my pain, but because of the relief (pain and mental) that I had finally found. Due to the fluid and changing nature of Syringomyelia, I require more frequent appointments with Don, than his "typical" patient. However, this frequency has reduced to 1-2 appointments every couple months. I am not "cured" of Syringomyelia, but the symptoms of this disease are completely managed through Don's NER therapy, and my overall health (digestion, respiratory, and overall nervous system) has improved as well. So, taking to heart the philosophy of to whom much is given much is required, I have sent all of my family, friends, and random acquaintances to Don over the years (it is currently 2022) with absolute confidence that their ailments would be significantly helped and/or resolved. My children have also grown up going to Don a couple times a year for issues ranging from infant reflux, wellness/prevention (i.e., scoliosis), to sports injuries. As recently as this past week, I brought my dog, Mac (an 80 pound Bernedoodle) up for an appointment with Don. My dog had been struggling to walk for several weeks…to the point of falling down the stairs. He is only 6 years old with no known issues (besides being a ding-a-ling who likes to eat fabric!). We initially went to the vet for x-rays/anti-inflammatory meds. After spending $500 at the vet with no diagnosis or relief in sight, I did what I should have done in the first place - I brought him to Don. Don worked on Mac on his backyard patio for about 20 minutes. Mac and I went home and he immediately walked up stairs that he has avoided for weeks. He is eating/acting more like himself, and honest to God seems cured. Don also worked on our older Labrador Retriever several years ago, and gave her at least another year to walk/enjoy her sweet 14 year old life. Don is the only person I trust with the seriousness of my condition, the only one I trust to send my children to for body work, and now my “unofficial” dog healer/whisperer! I thank God for Don and his revolutionary therapy everyday.
For last 3 years (after an Epidural during the birth of my 3rd child) I was having near constant intense pain in my low back, legs and feet. I was also suffering from so called anxiety attacks. The pain in my feet made it difficult to walk. I tried everything from Nerve blocks to Chiropractic and Micro-current all with minimal results. I would NOT accept being doomed. I finally found NER and traveled from New Hampshire to Colorado to see Don Kipp. The comforting and the relaxing sessions gave freedom to my body again. After the first session I bought new (non-orthopedic) shoes and was able to walk normally for the first time in 3 years. Now after 4 sessions I can enjoy life with my family and Friends without feeling any pain and fearing any breathing difficulties.
"I started having some really intense back pain during the July CEO Space forum, and due to the pain I was about to retire from the event. But a dear friend of mine, Shanti, immediately recognized my situation and introduced me to Donald Kipp, a friend she had met while attending the forum. Donald asked me where I was feeling pain and offered to assist me. In less than ten minutes, with him just lightly touching different key points on my body and having me breathe when he directed, ALL my back pain was gone and I felt completely back into alignment. It was absolutely incredibly. Donald really knows his method, and it WORKS!!!"
Sarah Perkins
President of Sustainable Living Systems, Inc.
I have been a migraine sufferer for 45 years. At one time in my life, my migraines lasted for 3 months solid – every day. The pain of a migraine is debilitating. In addition to the migraines, I have a multitude of hereditary health issues with my heart and kidneys.
My daughter originally saw Don for her scoliosis (which is a curvature of the spine), which has caused her severe pain for years as she biked and ran. Don was able to relieve that pain with 8 NER treatments. She’s told me she feels like a new person!
Since my daughter’s treatment went so well, she decided as a surprise to schedule an appointment for me to see Don on one of my visits to Denver (I’m from Seattle). Over the past several years, my migraines have tapered off to 1 or 2 per week. I thought that was ok, but my daughter wanted to see if Don could help me lower the frequency.
I used to think my migraines were hormone triggered, but now I don’t believe that to be the case. Since I was treated by Don in October 2011, I have not had even one migraine – and it’s now March 2012. I was a skeptic until I personally went through the treatment, and felt the results. I would have never believed that I would be migraine free after living with it nearly all my life.
An additional benefit that I’ve discovered is that my heart palpitations and reflux are non-existent. I continue to take some medications prescribed by my cardiologist and nephrologist, however, the doctors are very happy with my progress and have either reduced the dosage or cut out several medications.
To say I’m happy with the results is almost laughable. I’m ecstatic!
R Johnson
Seattle, WA
I have dealt with fibromyalgia and migraines for many years. Recently a friend referred me to Don Kipp and NER. After just 4 sessions I experienced a tremendous improvement. The fibromyalgia is much decreased and so are the migraines. The relief has lasted for months. Often I will think "Why do I feel numb?" and then realize that I am not "numb" but pain free! My mind is learning what it is to not have constant pain signals. Don's expertise has helped me to feel better about myself, the possibilities my future holds and I am happier!
R. Leek
In 1984, I sustained a neck injury that left me numb in the left leg and with constant neck pain. I became a massage therapist to learn how to help others and still have a productive life. Then I met Donald Kipp.
Donald Kipp works miracles. With observation and a few minutes of application of his art; I have been pain free for 5 days now. I have freedom of movement in my hips and I can stand up straight like I was a teenager again (I’m 60). I have even given up the orthodics that were actually doing harm to my body.
No invasive surgeries or needles needed; just fine-tuned awareness and intention makes this holistic application a wonderful alternative to drugs and surgery! I can share how it has improved my life.
Daya Devi
One Mini-Session at Demo Presentation: About 1 1/2 years ago I began to notice a slight curvature I had in my back was becoming more pronounced. Having been a massage therapist for over 10 years specializing in sports and injury therapy I took serious notice when I suddenly began to experience constant sciatic pain down my left buttock, iliotibial band, knee, calf and ankle. The pain would not allow me to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours a night. I was unable to stand up straight after getting out of bed or getting up from a sitting position. My spinal curve became more extreme to where I was forced to admit it was clearly scoliosis. Having been healthy and active all my life I was not happy with this unexpected turn of events.
After trying chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, inversion table and swimming exercises I managed to find some degree of tolerability in managing a bit of my pain. The swimming and hot tub seemed to work best. Recently, at a friend's suggestion, I had the opportunity to become introduced to Don. In one session, after taking measurements and performing his NER techniques, for the first time in over a year and a half I'm able to walk straight and at a pace anyone other than a New Yorker would be proud of. I do still experience discomfort in my leg but it's nowhere near what it was. I'm confident a few more sessions would help ease those remaining symptoms. Additionally, after the session when Don remeasured my height I was over 1 1/4" higher than just 20 minutes earlier at the start.
I cannot recommend this treatment enough. I feel like I'm getting my life back again, where pain is not center stage before everything else. There's no price for that kind of relief. Thank you!
N. Gonzalez
Former Massage Therapist, US Olympic Women's National Soccer Team '04
Hi, my name is Thom Winter and I am 30 years old. I came to know Don Kipp through a friend of my who had a great results combating chronic back pain through NER. During my senior year in college while training for my last year of football, I bulged the disks of my L4 and L5 vertebrae doing heavy weight squats. For two weeks I was barley able to move, and I had to get a series of injections to block the pain in order to function. Upon my return to football, after the first serious collision, the pain returned, only worse, and I was unable to finish the season. I began a long and grueling physical therapy regiment, including more injections (total of 5) over the next six years, all in an effort to avoid surgery, with inconsistent degrees of success.
Thanks to a few visits to Don Kipp and NER, I have been pain free and doing the physical and active pursuits (hiking, camping, weight training, mountain biking) I enjoy so much, I have my health and life back! NER treats the cause, not the symptoms, and I believe Mr. Kipp and NER can have the same results for anyone living with pain! Thank you so much
Thom Winter
Our son Mark (age 11 when he received NER treatment) was experiencing significant sinus issues. Stuffiness, infection, viral issues and the headaches that resulted from it. We tried everything doctors recommended to us - nose spays, antibiotics, treatments of various kind and 2 surgeries. Every step would produce temporary relief and then, several weeks later, the problem would come back.
At some point we lost hope and this is when our pediatrician recommended us to visit Don Kipp. After only three visits Mark's issues gone away and for the last 8 month he had no symptoms. He is able to sleep, run, no headaches, no infections. We're very pleased and happy with the results.
Yelena and Yuriy Shterk.
I am a bodyworker based in Swedish Massage and have experienced Neuroenergetic Release both as a recipient and giver of NER treatment. I attended the Body Awareness Seminar over a year ago and since that time I've found the benefits of NER to be remarkable! I have always adhered to the philosophy that when someone comes to me in pain, pain should not be a part of the cure. NER has given me the ability to give the gift of freedom from pain restriction which allows my clients to live their lives more fully.
A client of mine that is a hairdresser had a wrist bothering her to the degree she thought she'd have to give up her profession. After one NER treatment the symptoms disappeared and have not returned for the past 8 months. Another client was going in for neck surgery because he couldn't utilize the use of his arm and had blurred vision. After one partial treatment symptoms where completely gone and haven't returned for one year.
Clients I have treated with NER have returned to playing softball, tennis, gardening and work where before they believed such activities to be only a part of the past. My clients have discovered that they feel better for a long period commonly after one treatment and all delivered in an amazingly pleasant manner. I've even been able to receive great benefit from self treatment!
Incorporating NER into my practice (as a treatment alone or integrated with or into my basic Swedish) NER has become the vehicle which transports my idealism into realization of those I treat.
Karen Peplin
Massage Therapist
I was being treated by Chiropractic for over 20 years for a neck displacement with only short term success. The neck problem caused heart arrhythmia and a rapid pulse. After receiving just a couple NER treatments the symptoms cleared up completely. My pulse rate dropped from the 80's to 70's and has maintained. My posture has improved and exercise prescribed that previously caused me pain no longer cause discomfort.
The neck displacement had also caused sleep apnea. I tried chiropractic, yoga, massage and various other treatments with no success. The sleep apnea has completely disappeared since NER treatment.
I am now in Massage School and even deep tissue massage does not bring back the problem where as in the past the slightest neck disturbance would cause it to return. It's been over a year now and I'm still feeling great!
Diane Burch
From the time Christopher was 3 weeks old he began having terrible ear infections. I would have him in the doctors office every 3-4 weeks running high fevers and in a lot of ear pain. Numerous different antibiotics and other medications were prescribed but the ear infections continued to return. When Christopher was 10 months old I finally was led to Don Kipp's office for NER treatment. What was discovered at that time was that Christopher's cranial bones were mis-aligned, probably from the birth process. This caused his head to lean towards the right side. Through the NER treatments his head and posture were straightened out and NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS! Christopher is now 20 months old and a much healthier little boy.
Jill Georgel
Don Kipp is a hero to our family.
He has developed a technique that combines touch and breath and it is simply amazing! I have seen him, my husband has seen him, and our 12 year old son, Billy has seen him. In all cases, we have gone to him with our bodies pretty severely “out of line” and he has sent us home aligned, healthy and happy. My husband and I went to see Don in pain, and left pain free.
Our reasons for Billy to see Don were less acute. He was not in pain, however we had noticed for years that when he walked he was canted forward, when he walked for long periods of time his feet tired quickly, and he had very little stamina. We never knew what to do to help him, until we met Don. After his first appointment, Billy grew a solid inch (which is a huge deal for a 12 year old boy!). He was standing tall. He was able to keep up with me (and go past me) on hikes for the first time in his life, his stamina increased and he felt physically better all around. The changes in him were remarkable.
I do not fully understand what Don Kipp does with his NER technique…but I don’t need to…it works! If you are reading this because you are unsure about whether or not this is for you…try it…for those who have not experienced any sort of “alternative” medicine, the idea may be a bit intimidating…please don’t let it be…NER will help you…it sure has helped us.
Laurie W.
I suffered a broken neck from a football injury 10 years ago which left me with a compressed vertebrae in my neck. My back had also been overstressed from heavy lifting and I had sciatic pain for years. I'd spent years in ongoing chiropractic treatment. After a few sessions of NER I have been relieved of pain and have not needed chiropractic treatment since. I would recommend NER to anyone!
Jim Peterson
I incurred a torn pectoral muscle in a skiing accident. I had been treated by a chiropractor and a masseuse and there had been some improvement but then my progress stopped. The Chiropractor referred me to Don Kipp for NER treatment. Don discovered that my entire system was out of alignment. After treatment not only did my shoulder greatly improve but my overall physical structure has improved. As an athlete I have noticed tremendous improvement in my running & cycling endurance, recovery time is quicker and my speed is better. I feel generally more balanced.
Stephanie Anderson
Insurance Sales, Athlete
My 17 month old son had been throwing up 2-3 times a week since he was 9 months old. For the first several months, his pediatrician said it would go away on it’s own and to be patient. Then, they tried allergy testing to see if we could rule out food problems. When that failed, we all spent several months trying to limit food groups…dairy, spicy, gas causing, meat, even tried monitoring the amount and timing of food…nothing worked. Then they tried a series of medications, some not helping at all, some making things worse. Even a pediatric gastroenterology specialist was stumped as to what the cause or cure could be. In the end, all he could recommend was invasive, possibly painful testing. I determined my son had been through enough after 8 months of vomiting, pain, irritability, infrequent bowel movement, and terrible crying fits. I wanted to try a different approach. We went to see Don, and after the very first appointment, we saw an immediate difference. My son’s temperament was drastically improved, he started having normal bowel movements, sleeping peacefully through the night, and has not thrown up once since we saw Don. Now he is completely off the medications the Doctors gave him and is a normal, happy and healthy toddler. What an amazing difference to see what Don could do in one appointment that the medical community could not do in 8 months.
J. S.
I was in an auto accident and suffered a shoulder injury. I experienced severe shoulder pain with any movement and my shoulder rotation was very limited. I could not raise my arm over my head. As a contractor and mason I feared my career was over. I had several months of physical therapy and it was then suggested I consider surgery since I had reached maximum benefit from the physical therapy. I then discovered NER treatment. After just a few visits the pain had greatly subsided and I gained nearly full range of motion in my arm. Surgery has not been necessary and I'm back on the job full time. Thanks!
Brian Cohen
I suffered from a chronic shoulder pain for years....After the accident I slowly lost strength in my arm and the range of motion was very limited....After the surgery nothing had changed...I was being treated by my chiropractor...he referred me to Don Kipp....Now just a few months later I am able to do things I never thought I would be able to do again - Tennis, volleyball, even softball!
S. D.
Scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis are terms that refer to the curves in the lumbar and thoracic spine. Scoliosis refers to a left to right curve in the lumbar and/or thoracic spine. A scoliosis can be either an S or a C shape and also has some rotational component to it. Lordosis refers to the front to back curve in the lumbar spine. Kyphosis refers to the front to back curve in the thoracic spine. Both the lordosis and kyphosis curves may be hyper (too much) or hypo (too little). It is held that these abnormal curves are caused by and held by the abnormal pull of muscles on the bones of the spine, hips, ribs and shoulders. These abnormal curves and the increased bio-mechanical pressure they put on bones and joints can lead to pain, sciatica, arthritis, bone spurs, ruptured discs and degenerative disks as well as other organ and system dysfunction. Because Neuroenergetic Release® balances the nervous system which in turn tells the muscles to pull in a balanced way there is usually an observable improvement in these curves even in one session. Patents will increase in total height from ½ to 1 inch in as little as one minute because these curves straighten out towards a normal configuration. Patients typically can feel this change and a decrease in pain and other symptoms. These changes are usually long lasting with little maintenance. Once a patient is stable (achieved in as little as 3 sessions) normal maintenance is one or two sessions per year
After consulting two orthopedic surgeons, I was told that in order to fix my severe scoliosis, spine and hip pain, they would have to cut my spine and re-balance my body. Because I already had two spinal fusions in my young adult years, spending two years in total plaster body casts, this was not an option to which I looked forward. I have been to chiropractors, acupuncturists, and our son, a physical therapist, had been treating me twice a week to try to put my hip and spine back in position. However it would not stay, and the right leg would get 1-2 inches longer with intense spinal pain. Added to that was neck pain which awakened me several times nightly.
Through the internet and with the help of God we flew to Morrison to have 4 treatments from Don Kipp in the beautiful mountain surroundings of his office. Don discovered through measurements that my body was tilted forward 3 inches putting all my weight on the front of my feet, causing foot, ankle, knee and hip problems. The left hip was forward 33 degrees and the right was tipped backward and twisted as was my spine and neck.
Don went right to work feeling the nerves and muscles with his Neuroenergetic release method. I was amazed to realize that some of the places he touched were so sensitive, even though I wasn’t aware of it. The treatments were intense though not usually painful, and covered my nervous system from head to toe as I breathed at each place he touched.
It feels like I am now getting used to a new body which seems to re-position itself when I am standing, sitting and lying down. After only 4 sessions over 5 days I went from extreme pain which hurt every step, to relatively pain free. The hip and S-I joint do not throb. The neck which always hurt is 90 percent better. Most important of all, I feel lighter in my whole body. By being in total body alignment, it isn’t an effort to stand straight and I feel GREAT.
Due to my scoliosis, I was having pain down my left side running down the inside of my leg to the foot. It got to the point even when I sat that once I got up I could not walk unless I stood still and let everything settle into place. There was a lot of pain associated with it. Our son a professional musician had had similar problems with his arms and led us to Don Kipp and NER who had helped him. He gave me two treatments and I was a totally a new person. I could walk with no pain, sit, and stand whatever I wanted.
We moved away and eight years later I started having similar problems. I thought it was my shoes at first, but it wasn't. I tried a series of stretching exercises including Chiropractic care for three years from once a month to once a week with no relief. Went to our family MD and he said it's something you are going to have to live with. My husband said lets try and find Don Kipp, he helped you before. It took sometime searching records to find him. We made a connection, then an appointment and a one hour treatment with Don Kipp and NER. I am now pain free once again, doing exercises, lifting weights, and doing dance videos. He says with a little maintenance I can stay this way.
I FEEL FANTASTIC. Thank you Mr. Kipp,
Rita Kringel
Dr. Murray Caplan. M.D.
To Whom It May Concern,
It is with appreciation and high regard that I am taking the time to write this letter of recommendation for Don Kipp and the dramatically effective therapeutic healing modality Neuroenergetic Release® (NER) which Don has developed.
I have known Don Kipp for several years through our mutual involvement in an international organization as well as having had successful treatment from him for a number of physical problems I had been experiencing . The problems which I am referring to included chronic neck pain and stiffness following cervical fusion 14 years ago especially after playing tennis. I also had ongoing sinus congestion which I believed would eventually lead me to surgery.
Don works holistically with his patients to balance them on postural, structural and neural levels effecting their entire being. With his deep understanding of anatomy and physiology along with years of study in traditional as well as alternative healing modalities, Don has developed one of the most effective, lasting and painless methods to create beneficial change in the body that I have experienced. Don Kipp's focus is on wholeness and how all aspects are interrelated when it comes to healing. His technique is virtually painless and often profound change is experienced in just one visit. This was the case for me.
Let me begin with how Don's treatment with NER has benefited me in relation to the chronic pain and neck stiffness I was previously experiencing from cervical fusion. After the surgery and for the following 14 years I often had to depend on pain medication for relief. I tried chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and other healing modalities, which occasionally would give me some relief but it never lasted. I thought I would have to live with pain for the rest of my life until I experienced the lasting benefits of NER. After only 2 treatments I found I no longer needed pain medication. I also noticed a dramatic improvement in my posture and physical mobility overall. Another major benefit to NER is that it doesn't have to be ongoing treatment. All I needed was two treatments and it has lasted!
An additional benefit of this treatment for me was my ability to play tennis again without having to endure pain afterwards. Not only does my body feel better after a game, my game has improved dramatically. My overall physical strength, stamina, agility and flexibility have greatly improved. Simply put I am able to pound the ball like never before. This is all directly attributable to NER treatment.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I also had ongoing sinus problems and was not able to breath normally through my nose. I was always needing decongestants and nasal sprays and had finally resigned myself to the fact that I'd probably need surgery if I was ever to get lasting relief. One treatment from Don with Neuroenergetic Release and my nasal passages were unblocked and I walked out of there breathing through my nose for the first time that I can remember! It was that quick and easy.
I highly recommend Don Kipp’s Neuroenergetic Release® system both for patients seeking quick lasting relief and for health professionals who would like to learn an extremely effective and efficient therapeutic modality.
Dr. Murray Caplan
Don Kipp is the Einstein of the Massage Profession. His development of Neuroenergetic Release® is not only brilliant, it really works. NER is gentle for both the practitioner and the client and. reestablishes biomechanical and energetic balance in the body. My center of gravity and posture are back to normal. I feel less stress on my joints and chronic aches and pains have disappeared.
Richard S Kronen
My 6-year-old son has Crohn’s Disease, along with Leaky Gut Syndrome with the accompanying shot immune system. I have been treating him naturally, seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist on a weekly basis. He is on a very strict diet and takes herbs and various supplements. When he was 2 years old, he weighed 10 lbs. and was given no chance to live by 9 doctors in 3 states. I started taking him to see Don Kipp in December 1999. Jake’s biggest complaint at that time was chronic, daily headaches. He would have 2 different headaches going at the same time. (Too strange) He weighed 38 pounds the first time I took him to see Don. His headaches disappeared within about 20 minutes of Don starting to work on him and he has only had 3 since then. His weight went from 38 to 41 pounds in the following 2 weeks. He rarely complains of his stomach or intestines hurting since he has started seeing Don. He no longer grinds his teeth at night (a long time problem) and is overall, feeling much better. His disposition has also changed. He has gone from being nasty and mean, to a sweet, loving little boy. I can’t thank Don enough for the wonderful changes he has made in Jake’s life and health. I highly recommend Don. He does wonderful work and gets astounding results.
Ginny Harrison
I've had the honor of studying Neuroenergetic Release (NER), as well as personally experiencing three therapeutic sessions, with Don Kipp. My background includes 20 years as an RN, 12 years as a massage therapist, and additional bodywork studies including: infant massage, Polarity Therapy (APP), Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Craniosacral Therapy.
The first two-day weekend of the NER seminar I attended, I must admit I felt a bit overwhelmed, and didn't know how I could hope to do what Don does. The second half of the seminar I completed in Lakewood Colorado. Things started coming together, making sense and yes I was able to practice the release points successfully. Don had a wonderful persistence and presence in guiding me through this process.
For me, receiving three sessions of Don's NER work has been subtle but profound. The postural analysis I had done initially revealed a 35-degree forward rotation of my pelvis. This reduced to 7 degrees after my first session two months ago, and has held at that. This, along with several other postural / structural changes effected, has left me with an awareness when standing upright and walking, I feel more upright and balanced. I have also appreciated the changes as I am in a sitting posture and doing the marshal art form of tai chi; It is as if whether still or in motion, less physical effort is required. I have also had recurrent neck pain and tension related to heavy lifting and whiplash injuries. Since the NER sessions with Don I've noticed increased freedom of mobility, decreased muscle tension, and comparatively little pain in my neck area.
It has been inspirational for me to study with Don, personally experience his work, and get to know him. I believe that the NER technique he has developed has great healing potential, and is a wonderful compliment to my bodywork repertoire.
Eileen Mahoney-Johnstone RN
Dear Don, Thank you for literally "straightening me out"! As a teenager, my parents wanted me to wear a bra brace to correct my slumped posture but I wouldn’t go for it. As an adult, standing 5’9" tall, my posture only worsened and though I often held my stomach in and threw my shoulders back as others told me to do, I looked awkward and felt unstable. I went through Rolfing and saw only a minor change. I lifted weights, did Tai Chi, but still I could not hold an upright posture. As for me, my body no longer even knew what proper alignment was. Within only four sessions with you, I walked away tall, straight, and at ease. Your sessions were comfortable, unlike Rolfing, and I felt you always took the necessary time to fully complete each one. You were sensitive to my needs and helped me process the emotions that arose as a result of the work. Best of all, after many months have passed since my sessions with you, I have maintained correct alignment. I feel so much more comfortable and confident in my body now. I know that others can see the difference in me. I even roller blade better as I have regained an inner balance through proper alignment. Your work continues to touch my life in many ways. Thank you for helping me correct my posture and improve the quality of my life.
In August 2006 I suffered a hip fracture (femoral neck) as a result of a mountain bike accident. The treatment was a standard orthopedic three-pin fixture and three months of non-weight bearing healing and physical therapy. My PT extended well into a few months of weight bearing, strength building and range of motion exercises. I could not regain anything close to full range of motion; however, I maintained a vigorous regime and continued work with various MD’s, therapists, Chiropractors, and even acupuncture over the last four years. In March of 2011 I met with Don Kipp for an initial evaluation and treatment. The following week as I was getting my weekly massage I commented that I could move my hip another 15-20 degrees. My therapist was absolutely stopped dead in her tracks when I demonstrated the improvement…she has been working on range of motion with me for over four years. I have since seen Don five more times and he has been able to correct and improve minor neck, back, shoulder pain, range of motion, and balance. I now sleep better, feel better, and I’m back to riding my bike at a level where I am placing in Masters level bike races.
Len Pettyjohn Boulder
For the last 25 years, I thought I had one leg longer than the other due to a motorcycle accident which resulted in a broken femur. This was causing me to adjust every sport I did, from walking/running, skiing, bicycling etc. I was wearing out my shoes unevenly and developing large calluses on one foot. As a result of one NER treatment, my hips were straightened out, lower back pain went away and my legs were the same length. What else can I say!
Bruce Bates
My experience with NER over 27 years.
In 1983 I had a serious traffic accident, and shortly after had a skydiving accident. The result of these injuries was that my pelvis had been rotated, causing a great deal of nerve pain in my lower back area. I began to see chiropractors, physical therapists, etc., sometimes as often as twice a week; often the treatments were very painful. After many years of trying many different modalities, I was still left with a lot of pain every day. It would take me several minutes just to get out of bed in the morning. I also sported around a quite pronounced limp; my "penguin walk". Any misstep could bring forth pain that would literally make me shout, and it could be days or weeks before I got back to my "normal" level of discomfort. After over twelve years of this type of living, I had simply accepted my situation. November of ‘95, a massage therapist friend of mine asked me if I wanted to check out some new work that, according to the brochure was useful to sufferers of a very long list of conditions and symptoms. As it happened, I wound up being a model for the presenter (Don Kipp) to demonstrate with. This fellow "assesses" my structure, high shoulder here, pelvis forward there, and so on. After the assessment, he worked on me for about ten or fifteen minutes. The results were, and are, astounding! My pain was 95% gone, and it took my limp with it! I got more lasting relief in fifteen minutes of NER, than had been achieved in YEARS of other systems, and the treatment wasn’t painful either. More importantly to me, these results were not temporary, requiring frequent "tune-up" visits or a dependency on this treatment. It worked in spite of my skepticism.
Construction Accident 6/1/2005
A set of stairs I was on collapsed and I fell through them feet first 12 feet to a concrete basement floor. This fall resulted in a Sanders 4 calcaneal fracture (crushed heal), with talar and subtalar ankle fractures of the right foot. The orthopedic diagnosis was grim, with the recommended surgery being to screw and plate everything back together which would have resulted in zero range of motion in any direction. Having had such a terrific result with NER previously, I discussed with my orthopedic surgeon the option of a ‘conservative approach’ (no surgery). I asked him to consider just monitoring my progress, and if it wasn’t working, I would agree to have the surgery. He reluctantly agreed, but made it clear he was very skeptical and felt I was just delaying the inevitable. After the swelling reduced somewhat, I saw Don and he performed NER several times over a period of weeks. During one session I heard an audible SNAP!, which didn’t hurt, but just felt ‘odd’. I asked Don about it, and he said that it was likely bones moving back into place. X-rays in August confirmed that, and the doctor said that I was 4-6 months ahead what he expected, and I was able to move into a weight-bearing boot. Another 2 NER treatments in September, and October. I started PT during this time as well. Range of motion which was nearing 96% of NORMAL. Then in November another set of x-rays confirmed complete healing, and I was released from doctor care. The last thing the orthopedic surgeon said to me on that last visit was ‘If I hadn’t seen you from the very beginning, I would not have believed this outcome was possible.” I went skiing to celebrate.
Paramotor Crash (Powered ParaGliding) 2/21/2022
I made a critical error on a launch, I should have aborted. The result was landing facedown, resulting in multiple facial orbital fractures (eye sockets) observed via CT scan. Other symptoms included neck pain, headaches, and facial numbness on the right side. My first thought after seeing the CT scan was ‘I gotta get to Don Kipp and NER.’ After a couple of sessions with Don, I went to see a surgeon as well to verify improvements were happening. He told me that surgery wasn’t called for after measuring eye movement, eye tests to verify vision quality, and some improvement in the numbness already. It was only three weeks after the accident. 4/8/2022 nearly symptom free after only three treatments of NER. This isn’t surprising to me. What was surprising to me was this was achieved *remotely*, in that I’m in Naples, FL and Don is in Colorado. We did all treatments over Zoom. I was skeptical and fully expected to need to travel to Colorado to receive effective treatment. I don’t understand how this works remotely, but once again, the results speak for themselves. I hope that you can suspend your disbelief long enough to give NER a try and see for yourself.
Wayne Sheppard