Postural Analysis and Intro to NER

Postural/Structural Analysis and Introduction to Neuroenergetic Release®

This presentation includes

Target Audience and Intent

This presentation is designed for a larger audience of therapists and bodyworkers of varying levels of experience. This is an introduction to a much larger system. The material presented will stimulate new ideas and challenge paradigms in therapy for professional use as well as teach some new take home techniques. Therapists should increase their efficacy by enhancing palpatory and evaluation skills and by using any technique they know in a more efficient protocol framework. It is appropriate for a chapter meeting or educational conference.

Information is presented personally by lecture and reviewing written outlines. Additional material is also presented to enhance what is in the outline, so participants are encouraged to take notes. Visual devices are used to aid learning. Trades are used to practice new palpatory and structural evaluation skills. Participants will do a limited number of guided trades to kinesthetically reinforce the information presented.

Contact hours

A certificate for 5 contact hours will be presented at completion of class.


NCTMB, CMT, P.T., O.T., ND, DC, MD, DO (*other health professional with advanced base in musculoskeletal anatomy) *instructor approval required.

Fee:$125.00**, $50.00 nonrefundable but transferable registration deposit. Balance due at beginning of class. **Discount of $25.00 if full payment of $100.00 received 14 days prior to class. All participants must sign a non-copy agreement.

**Varies at Sponsored Classes, call for details.