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Be Healthier, Pain-Free, Stronger, Faster, Taller & Happier …in Seconds!
Join Donald W. Kipp and achieve no-pain optimal alignment.

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Donald W. Kipp: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioner and expert, Educator, Author, Wellness and Evolutionary Speaker

Don’s goal for this presentation is to have the audience see how all parts of the human body act as one whole-istic unit and how they can almost instantly shift or heal. Don will speak about how all levels of human existence are related and how you increase your potential. We will explore some myths about how we decline as we age, body’s wear out, how change has to be hard or take a long time.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to shift towards balance (optimum health) …in seconds. People will release pain and physical dysfunction, and become healthier, stronger, faster, taller. The audience will be able to see physical change in the volunteers, the volunteers will feel it, and Don will measure some of the changes. Everyone present will have a chance to experience this shift.

Don will explain how most people’s structure is out of balance and how this relates to things such as: back-pain, neck-pain, asthma & breathing problems, muscle strains, and digestive disorders. He will explain how healing can be accelerated and how injury can even be predicted and prevented. While all these may seem like “problems” you may not have, most people are operating at less than their ideal functioning and almost all can improve their performance and potential.

What Don wants you to leave with is a knowing of expanded of human potential.

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