Book Excerpt: How Did You Do That! Sixty Seconds to Physical Freedom

Alterative healing story
Fast pain relief

I have included this chapter because these true stories help illustrate how quickly pain relief and healing can occur, and why one must look at the bigger picture, not just where the pain is experienced to achieve optimum results. In this are examples of energy healing in seconds, quantum physics and the connections of ourselves to something larger.

"ln my practice and in my public speaking l try to get people to say, ”Maybe.” Willingness comes in varying degrees, but the minute someone says, “Maybe,” he’s open to more possibilities."

 Sixty Seconds to Physical Freedom, ©2008

 – Donald W. Kipp

Memorial Day weekend 2008, I was scheduled to give a public lecture in California. A female veteran of the Gulf War had been in contact with me over the phone, telling me how she hoped she could attend. She had suffered multiple traumas in her service and several more since: she had a brain injury and PTSD; couldn’t stand normally and walked with shuffling steps, a cane, and a great deal of pain. When she lay down, her feet bent forward dramatically. It was an hour-and a half-long drive for her to get to my lecture.

Through incredible fortitude, she did make it to the lecture. She arrived very weepy and emotional, in a great deal of physical and mental pain. I called her forward, and after I’d worked on her for a few seconds without even touching her, she stood up tall. Her face had completely changed. She was smiling. All the grief she’d been feeling had been lifted, and she could stand steadily without pain. The audience, many with mouths open, watched this profound transformation. It took less than sixty seconds.

Then I put her on the table. I worked on her head and neck, never below her waist, and her feet released and moved to a normal position. The audience saw that and reacted, so she looked down at her feet and was dumbfounded. “Oh, my God,” she said. “Look at my feet.” What amazed her was not only that she had healed, but that it happened so quickly and effortlessly. The audience, too, was stunned. To some it seemed like a miracle, and perhaps in some way it was—but it was also a modality that required years of study, development and practice before one moment of application.

What I used that day I named Neuroenergetic Release” (NER), because it uses the neurological and energetic control systems of the body to release imbalance. I call it relational medicine because it is based in all the physical relationships of our bodies, the relationships between all levels of our existence, and how we relate to the rest of the universe.

Quantum physics basically says that everything in the universe is interconnected. Everything affects everything, and what we see as solids or particles are, in fact, energy. NER holds that most symptoms we experience result from core—distortion patterns— imbalances, contractions and patterns of compensation that are stored throughout the entire body. Core-distortion patterns develop after trauma or injury, and sometimes are the result of the birth process itself. These patterns worsen over time and surface as a variety of symptoms later in life—back pain, neck and shoulder pain, breathing problems, digestive problems. The patterns exist on the physical, energetic and emotional planes, and are the root of almost all bodily pain and dysfunction. And because all these planes are connected, when patterns change on one level, they change on all levels.

I haven’t always practiced NER; but, reflecting, I can see that in some way I was always working towards it. I became interested in manual therapies and alternative medicine after I experienced their healing effects following my own serious back injury. In college, I studied a pre-med curriculum, but became disillusioned by the limited, compartmentalized view of health so prevalent in Western medicine.

My epiphany for NER came in 1992. At the time, I was practicing manual therapy and structural body work with more traditional therapies. My client was a gentleman in his early sixties who had multiple ruptured discs and was in a lot of pain. While working on him, I decided to bring together many elements I knew from different systems—energy, anatomy, form and function, breathing, what I sensed with my hands—into treating him. After forty—five minutes, he went from being hunched over in an “old man” posture to standing up straight like a twenty year old Marine—and was out of pain. I knew I’d stumbled upon something profound.

I came to realize that I was able to see relationships in the body, mind and spirit that no one else had identified. Some relationships are consistent among all people, but everyone has individual patterns, and understanding those patterns is key. What led to this becoming such a powerful system was my recognition that this was truly an illuminating discovery, and that every patient had something to teach me.

People often ask, “What is NER like?” or, “How is it different?” The short answer is that is it isn’t like anything, and what’s different is how quick, easy and profound the results are. One of my gifts is to look at the physical body and not only see relationships, but also feel them. Another gift is, I can teach this to others. Using NER, one can quickly look at someone and see if he is better or if something helped him. We can always objectively measure if something is helpful, if change is positive and if we are on the right track.

I know there are many powerful modalities that effect many powerful healings. But in over twenty years of searching, I haven’t seen anything else that helps such a variety of people with such varied conditions as profoundly, as quickly and as consistently as Neuroenergetic Release“! So maybe one of its most powerful attributes is that it is an organized system that is highly replicable and teachable. NER works, in part, because of the physical relationships it recognizes in our bodies. We can lay out anatomical and physiological explanations for that. But the energetic aspect comes down to quantum physics: everything is affected by everything and everything is energy.

Some people have called me a healer, but I resist that title. I give the body new information with which to change, and the body heals itself. There is only one true healer, and that is the body itself. Maybe a more powerful title is teacher—whether I am giving an individual’s body information on how to heal itself or giving an NER practitioner information on how to heal others.

NER impacts the health of patients, and sometimes even their life direction. One client was given an epidural during childbirth, and she emerged with low back pain, lower extremity pain and “anxiety attacks.” She couldn’t walk normally, and she’d tried so many remedies that the medical world had written her off. After one brief NER session, she walked out pain-free, with a normal gait, calmly proceeding straight to a store where she bought a pair of non-orthopedic shoes for the first time in four years. She is now completing her prerequisites so she can study Neuroenergetic Release“.

I occasionally encounter skepticism: that’s quite natural, given the novelty of NER. With all clients and patients, we stop after the first one-to-sixty seconds of treatment to give them the physical experience of change. Then we reevaluate the situation given their experience of a physical shift, and the lessening of pain or discomfort. I do this to give them a knowing, to help change their paradigm so that they are more willing to participate in what they may have previously thought impossible.

Everything we have been taught, someone—at some time— just made up. That doesn’t mean it’s true; but the minute a person says something is or isn’t true, he stops learning in that area. Quantum physics also teaches us that we are the observers in our own realities, and we can determine our realities. But in order to change ourselves, we have to change the paradigms in which we operate that are preventing change. In my practice and in my public speaking I try to get people to say, “Maybe.” Willingness comes in varying degrees, but the minute someone says, “Maybe,” he’s open to more possibilities.

My own paradigm is, “Healing is easy, it doesn’t have to hurt, and results are going to be quick and long—lasting.” That paradigm has allowed me to help thousands. As the whole world adopts more powerful paradigms, anything is truly possible.

We often see scoliosis (a curve in the spine) among teenagers and others in great physical pain who’ve been told that they need rods in their backs, or to wear braces for years, In one or two NER sessions, they’re out of pain—without surgery or a brace—and they’re two inches taller because their spines have straightened. Scoliosis patients in their fifties, sixties and seventies who have endured distressing pain their entire lives become pain-free in a matter of days.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the number one occupational injury. Companies spend approximately thirty thousand dollars per case. NER can resolve that issue in a few sessions with no work lost and no surgery. NER can even predict and prevent CTS; with a quick look at a client we can see the imbalances that lead to it.

And because NER balances the core patterns that, when released, allow the body to heal itself, maintenance to stay well or at optimum performance usually entails just one or two visits a year. In my wellness practice, I feel great joy and gratitude in having helped so many people so profoundly. And I am grateful for being, for lack of a better expression, a channel for this information to have come through. Now it can be taught to others who can in turn touch thousands, maybe even millions, of other lives. Again, the body is the only healer. What happened with that veteran on that Memorial Day Weekend can happen for anyone, and just as fast, because everyone has a body that wants to heal—even you. It’s just waiting for the right information, and for you to say, “Maybe.”

Video of that Veteren on Memorial Day. (not professionally done but you can follow along)