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Below are some migraine patient testimonies. Most headache sufferers experience more than one type of headache; often both tension-type headaches and migraines and sometimes from cluster headaches also. We believe the causes of the different headaches are poorly understood. Our approach is to treat the underlying core pattern of imbalance in the whole body. NER usually either eliminates or drastically reduces the frequency and intensity of migraines and other headaches. Once pain-free, and stability is reached (achieved in as little as 3 sessions) a wellness visit every 6 months is recommended to maintain optimum health and function. Call to find out how you could experience rapid, enduring migraine pain relief, even in the first treatment.

I have been a migraine sufferer for 45 years. At one time in my life, my migraines lasted for 3 months solid – every day. The pain of a migraine is debilitating. In addition to the migraines, I have a multitude of hereditary health issues with my heart and kidneys.
My daughter originally saw Don for her scoliosis (which is a curvature of the spine), which has caused her severe pain for years as she biked and ran. Don was able to relieve that pain with 8 NER treatments. She’s told me she feels like a new person!
Since my daughter’s treatment went so well, she decided as a surprise to schedule an appointment for me to see Don on one of my visits to Denver (I’m from Seattle). Over the past several years, my migraines have tapered off to 1 or 2 per week. I thought that was ok, but my daughter wanted to see if Don could help me lower the frequency.
I used to think my migraines were hormone triggered, but now I don’t believe that to be the case. Since I was treated by Don in October 2011, I have not had even one migraine – and it’s now March 2012. I was a skeptic until I personally went through the treatment, and felt the results. I would have never believed that I would be migraine free after living with it nearly all my life.
An additional benefit that I’ve discovered is that my heart palpitations and reflux are non-existent. I continue to take some medications prescribed by my cardiologist and nephrologist, however, the doctors are very happy with my progress and have either reduced the dosage or cut out several medications.
To say I’m happy with the results is almost laughable. I’m ecstatic!
R Johnson
Seattle, WA
I have dealt with fibromyalgia and migraines for many years. Recently a friend referred me to Don Kipp and NER. After just 4 sessions I experienced a tremendous improvement. The fibromyalgia is much decreased and so are the migraines. The relief has lasted for months. Often I will think "Why do I feel numb?" and then realize that I am not "numb" but pain free! My mind is learning what it is to not have constant pain signals. Don's expertise has helped me to feel better about myself, the possibilities my future holds and I am happier!
R. Leek
My 6-year-old son has Crohn’s Disease, along with Leaky Gut Syndrome with the accompanying shot immune system. I have been treating him naturally, seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist on a weekly basis. He is on a very strict diet and takes herbs and various supplements. When he was 2 years old, he weighed 10 lbs. and was given no chance to live by 9 doctors in 3 states. I started taking him to see Don Kipp in December 1999. Jake’s biggest complaint at that time was chronic, daily headaches. He would have 2 different headaches going at the same time. (Too strange) He weighed 38 pounds the first time I took him to see Don. His headaches disappeared within about 20 minutes of Don starting to work on him and he has only had 3 since then. His weight went from 38 to 41 pounds in the following 2 weeks. He rarely complains of his stomach or intestines hurting since he has started seeing Don. He no longer grinds his teeth at night (a long time problem) and is overall, feeling much better. His disposition has also changed. He has gone from being nasty and mean, to a sweet, loving little boy. I can’t thank Don enough for the wonderful changes he has made in Jake’s life and health. I highly recommend Don. He does wonderful work and gets astounding results.
Ginny Harrison