Description of Neuroenergetic Release® System

Neuroenergetic Release® (NER) is a unique whole-istic system that facilitates a rapid release and balances all the systems of the body.
It does this by using Neuroenergetic points that interface with the nervous and energetic systems of the body simultaneously. NER is widely recognized for its effectiveness. With this system dramatic results are common
NER’s results are most observable in its rapid improvement of posture/structural-alignment of the body as it brings wellness or balance to the entire being. Because it uses control systems to facilitate rather than forcing change, the therapy itself is usually pain free.

Neuroenergetic Release® Therapy

To begin, a structural and palpatory analysis of the body is used to find distortions and asymmetries in a patient’s posture/structure. From this we determine a person’s core distortion pattern. NER works by correcting core distortion patterns. This is a pattern of compensations, distortions and asymmetries that is held in the whole body from head to foot, fingertips to toes. These patterns are held to some extent on all the planes of our existence including physical (muscular), energetic (nervous & energy systems) and emotional. Core distortion pattern’s are behind most of the pain and dysfunction we feel in our bodies and affect all the bodily systems including how well your digestive system works, how fast your heart beats, and even how well the brain or eyes work. When 2 corresponding NER points are held, the abnormal tension in the muscle almost instantly disappears (within a second or two). Balance returns on all levels. Both the client and therapist can feel this rapid release and the resulting structural change can also be observed. Pairs of points are released throughout the whole body. Clients have fewer symptoms; feel less tension and pain, and have greater energy and ease of movement Dramatic structural change routinely happens in one session. In most cases this structural change and reduction of pain and symptoms is substantial and long lasting. The goal is to quickly get the client stable, symptom free, out of pain and to a greater state of health that they can self-maintain.

What Can NER Help?

Neuroenergetic Release® can relieve or reduce a great deal of pain that we feel in the body. It can relieve pain often associated with musculoskeletal disorders such as chronic back, neck, jaw, joint or tendonitis pain. Because it influences all the systems of the body it can also help things such as digestive disorders, headaches, visceral pain, asthma, brain and emotional function, visual and auditory function, blood pressure and fatigue It can do this because as it balances the core distortion pattern it addresses the sources of symptoms which are often located distant from where they are experienced.. There is a neurovascular response to NER and swelling and pain from injury or surgery can quickly be reduced, often within minutes, thereby speeding recovery.

How Long Does It Take?

It takes a minimum of 3 sessions to get someone stable (to the point that they have achieved their maximum improvement, their greatest degree of health and greatest degree of symptom relief). For most people it is most efficient to do the sessions fairly close together, 3-10 days apart. This time between appointments can be extended over many months but it is less efficient, and can increase the total number of sessions needed. With each session the core patterns are further balanced and more specific symptoms can be addressed. Once stable an average person comes in for a tune up 1-2 times a year.

Less is More! Neuroenergetic Release®

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